Monday, April 9, 2012

Made it through the Weekend

The Atkins Journey:
I had a doctor tell me more than a year ago that Atkins would be good for me.  I have put off trying it for so long because it seems like a hard diet to stick to.  But Friday I decided that it was about time and Saturday was Day One of Induction.

At work it was hard because I had not adequatly prepared for induction.  I need to cook a couple days worth of protein and have it read to go to work.  I need to have hard boiled eggs on hand and some cheese sticks as well.  I did buy some frozen pre-cooked hamburgers and the just disposed of the buns.  That got me through Saturday.   The we went to Wyoming for Easter weekend.  I didn't think much of the car trip but I was hungry half way through.  The only thing I could find was some jerky but it had a sugar glaze :(  I ate it anyway because it was under my net carbs for the day.  I am not sure how bad that was but at the time I couldn't find any alternatives.

Then we got to my parent's house and things got a bit easier.  Eggs and bacon, ham and a small salad.  And on the way home I ate some cheese.  Today should be the day that my body realizes that I am not feeding it carbs anymore.  I am anticipating some withdrawal symptoms and have a feeling that I am going to be really wiped out by the end of the day.

Wish me luck!  Hopefully we will see my weightloss ticker sliding down the scale. My dream loss for April is 15 pounds so we'll see!!

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