Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WOW Fish Tacos! (low carb friendly!)

Fish Tacos.  The idea of fish tacos always sounded weird to me.  Fish...in tacos.  That couldn't be good, right?  Well that was before I saw how much my husband was enjoying the new Taco Johns fish Tacos.  So of course then I had to try one... and I loved it.  I love it more than my time honored favorites at Taco Johns (this is saying a lot).  But now I am low-carbing it and such lovely things as Tacos are now not on the menu....or are they?

Here is the second part of the story:  We just recently started doing Bountiful Baskets.  So each week we are getting lots of lovely produce and we never know exactly what we are going to get.  On Saturday I got our regular basket plus the Mexican themed basket.  Suddenly we had all sorts of stuff that I just don't buy.  Like Tomatillos, peppers (spicy not green) and limes. 

I swear I heard  Doug giggle like a kid on Christmas morning when he saw what I had brought.  He set to work making a great Mexican chutney:

Doug's Mexican Chutney:
Rough Chop the following:

One white onion
One Anaheim Pepper
One Pablono Pepper
One Tomatillo
and cover with the juice of one lime. 

Refrigeration makes the flavors meld in the most delicious way.

So how does this relate to fish tacos, you might say?  And exactly how are tacos low carb friendly?  Well we got the excellent tip that if you want a "breaded" taste and feel for chicken or fish (probably any other meat you like to bread) all you need to do is dip the item in a raw egg and then roll in Parmesean Cheese.  Then fry or bake (hot) to create a lovely golden crust.

So we decided to try our Parm crust on fish and see how we like it.  Yes Parm cheese and Fish.  I know- crazy you say.  But trust me!  You will never go back to bread again!

We used Tilapia.  It is cheap, mild and did I meantion cheap? 

So combine piping hot "breaded" fish with some sour cream and Doug's Mexica Chutney and you might swoon in delight.  Amazing.  We should probably patent it.  Just don't sue us if you fall out of your chair in amazement! ;)

If you are low carbing in- Use a large lettuce leaf as your tortilla.  It tastes great and gets in some of those leafy greens!

It's seriously amazing and I would share a picture-- but we ate all the evidence!

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