Saturday, February 16, 2008


Nora used to go to bed like clockwork. In bed between 6-7:30pm, and up at 6:30am. She slept through the night with out waking up and would put herself to sleep. This latest cold has wrecked havoc on our sleep schedule. We are both running a bit low on sleep. She hates going to bed now and has been needing to be rocked to sleep.

I was just talking with a friend the other day how things we do in desperation, ie "The Short Term Fix", can really get us in trouble down the line. I think I did this to myself.

I felt so badly for Nora when she was really sick that I rocked her to sleep. Obviously, falling asleep in Mommy's arms was _much_ more preferable to falling asleep by herself. And the fact that we are using a Floor Bed has been complicating matters as well.

Here is what has been happening. I lay either a sleeping Nora or a almost asleep Nora down on her mattress. She wakes up and gets mad, rolls over and crawls to the baby wall (aka baby barricade) infront of the door crying. I have tried to let her cry it out, I have gone back in and laid her down, I am gone in and swaddled her while giving her more bottle, I have even tried nursing again and sometimes I just have to let her get up again. So then, around 3am, she wakes up crying again.

Doug's work has been assigning him the 3:30-Midnight shift which is really hard because that means I see him for about 30 minutes a day. This really steams me because when Nora was born they pulled him aside and said "We really take care of our family guys, so we will make sure you have good shifts so you can be home with your family as much as possible". Which they did for a while, but now he is having to do the late shift again.

Tonight I let Nora stay up until 11pm. Ugh. She just wasn't acting tired. I hope by staying up late today, she will sleep through the night and get back onto a better schedule.

On a plus note though, it seems that the creeping crude, also called The Plague is finally going away for both Nora and I! yay!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sorry To my Links/ Getting Caught Up

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry, but in re-doing my layout, I deleted all of my favorite links. It will probably take me the better part of an hour to get them back up and running, so please don't worry- I will get them back up as soon as Nora is napping again.

Nora and I have caught the creeping crud. We both have had sinus issues, coughs, headaches (Or I assume she has had a headache because mine is terrible and when I give her Infant's Tylenol she seems better after a bit) and issues sleeping. Nora has been getting up in the middle of the night crying for me and recently she has wanted me to lay down and sleep with her. To get her down for a nap I have to hold her really close and sometimes even swaddle her. She seems to like it when our heads are touching cheek to cheek or forehead to forehead.

I feel so bad for her, I wish I could explain that we will be better soon. But over all she has been a trooper. This morning she threw up and I can't figure out why. I am hoping it was just because she was poking her gums a bit too much and gagged herself. I am really hoping that she isn't getting worse.

To keep the man I care-give for from being sick, I have been washing my hands constantly, as well as Nora's and anything she touches. Before I go home for the weekend I am going to scrub everything down again so the weekend care-givers won't have to worry because they have a kid too.

My house was starting too look all nice and clean and then we got the creeping crud, so it is back to looking like a bomb went off again. Somedays I wish we had the money to hire a cleaning lady! :D

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