Monday, May 3, 2010

I really dislike when the weather keeps me penned inside on my day off and then is gorgeous on Monday morning.  Luckily today is NOT like that today...  It’s cold and windy outside.  Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE wind?  I love the idea of wind turbines generating clean wind.  Now we just need to figure out how to have windmills but create a wind break for the ground level plus not block the sunlight I need for my garden… it’s not like I’m asking for a lot…. LOL ;)
This is going to be a bear of a work week for me.  I volunteered for almost 20 hours of overtime work.  I could certainly have it a lot worse- not having a job, or working in bad working conditions.  In all reality I have a pretty cush job.  I have my own space, yes it’s a cubicle but since the walls are only 18 inches high I can look out and around so the mental feeling of space is there instead of feeling closed in.  Though honestly I am one of those crazy people that loves small places so I wouldn’t mind having walls- except I do like to chit chat with my neighbors.  I also get to speak with lots of different people every day and my job is to help.  I get to help people when they are frustrated and feeling out of options or when they are worried they don’t know what to do next.  It’s nice. 
So other than the fact that I’m not going to get to do much if any gardening or playing with my horse this week- It’s not too bad.  And it will help us get caught up on some bills which need paid so that’s always good.  And if I decided to be slightly crazy and volunteer for tons of overtime, then this week was the right week- windy and cold and totally spring like…just the side of spring that I don’t normally enjoy as much.
Yesterday’s weather had multiple personality disorder.  In the morning it was cold but clear, then clouds rolled in with winds.  Throughout the day we got cold weather, hot weather, windy weather, calm weather, sun, rain, and hail!  I got halfway out to the barn when the hail started coming down and decided I wasn’t that enthusiastic about being out in the hail.  The indoor arena was being used for a dog competition so any working with the horses was going to have to be done outside.   Hmmm… hail + horses or going home. 
Eventually I did make it out to see Tala and it was totally worth it.  She is growing up so beautifully!  I worked with her for a bit and even did some desensitization exercises as a per cursor to mounting.   I won’t take my first ride for a while yet on the excellent advice of my dear friend and Mentor Nancy.    But I must admit it is tempting when my horse is falling asleep during desensitization! LOL

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