Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rah Rah! Go College!

Oh my gosh! Where did August go? Last week and this week I have been ironing out things to smooth my way back into collegiate life. I think FAFSA Verification is something evil and devised to confound students. Oh well, this too shall pass! I just hope they get me my financial aid before we get desperate! If they wait too long, by the time we get it- it will be time to receive it again!

So here is the plan. I thought I was going to be getting my degree from Montana State University in Billings. I was happy with this plan. It was a good plan. And I decided to change it.

See, in my quest to find a horseback riding instructor, I was reading a lot of websites. One website was touting the qualities of their riding instructor who had just graduated from the equine program of Rocky Mountain College...in Billings!! I about had a heart attack!

You mean there is an Equine Program?! I am _so_ enrolled in the _wrong_ college!

So I went to talk to the very very helpful people over at Rocky. I decided to go ahead with this semester at MSU since the Rocky semester has already started. I will be getting my Masters of Accountancy and my Bachelors of Equine Business from Rocky! How cool is that! I can't wait!

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