Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I haven’t done an update in a while.
So far my weight loss is about 6 lbs.  Yes I have been cheating.  But at the same time I feel good that the weight loss will stay off.  Even with my cheating I am still losing and it is not coming back!  Yay!  Each morning it’s exciting to see if I get to update my weight ticker.  It’s really interesting to see what your body does and how much energy you burn during sleeping!
It has been incredibly rainy this year.  The river is flooding and I hope it doesn’t rise much further or I might need to find a new temporary home for Tala until the flood waters recede.  Tala is looking great though.  Her three year old year is agreeing with her.  She really is starting to look more like a grown up horse instead of a baby.  I don’t always see it since I am around her a lot, but when I look at her pictures from last year, I can see big changes.  She’s beautiful and such a sweet horse.  It’s going to be an awesome summer with her! :D
Nora is growing and we are having lots of conversations about not cutting her hair.  She has mutilated her hair so badly at this point *sigh*.   Oh well.  Hair grows.  Her latest thing is that when she enters a room she’ll take a little jump, do a rock star stance and yell “Rock and Roll!” and then proceed to play air guitar!  It’s hilarious!
The garden is loving this weather.  Lots of rain seems to be just the thing.  I am looking forward to some sun so the tomatoes can really take off.  I want garden fresh tomatoes!!!  I also need to replant some radishes and really work hard on some weeding.  It’s starting to look like jungle out there!

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