Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is your vice?

My vice is sugar. Real sugar...HFCS (eww I know..) anything sweet! And for a while now- the easiest way for me to get my sweet fix was to chug a soda. Yup. I know. It's really bad bad bad bad.

So I have devised a "get away from sugar" scheme. I am on a sugar diet. I really hate the "sugar alternatives" I think they are really horrible for you. But I made a bit of a "deal with the devil" so to speak. I switched from regular pop to diet. I am still drinking way to much soda- but right now I have to get through finals and soda delivers the caffeine I have been needing. So I figure that as soon as finals are over I am going to restrict how much soda I am drinking. Then I plan on by Valentines day to have it down to only drinking soda on special occasions.

My other way to help with the sugar addiction is going to put a cap on how many treats I can have. If I have home baked goods in the house- I can have a small sweet after lunch and dinner and maybe one before bed...we'll see.

But no buying sweets. My one caveat to that rule is special occasions. If I get really stressed, or we go to the movies or something... A girl has to have her chocolate.

But as lenient as this all is- it is still a big restriction from what I have been doing for the past few years. So wish me luck please! I am hoping to change my taste buds and quit wanting sweets so often!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So does this mean that Stress actually has a weight to it?

I have been so stressed out for the past 6 months. If you read the MaryJanes Farm Chat Forum you might be familiar with the past 6 months of money debacle that my family has been trying to live through. Anyway. the Scale has been steadily creeping up and up and up to the point where I weigh as much as my husband should (who also needs to lose some weight!)

Well yesterday I thought I was going to break under the stress. It all seemed too much to handle. But what can you do except to move forward? Well today we talked with the bank and we are on a fast track to financial recovery. My landlords are being very kind and my worries about eviction or resigning of the lease are now over. We can stay as long as we like. We can take our time getting our finances in order. We don't have to try to be moving on Christmas Day.

So does stress actually have weight to it? This morning I had accepted the situation and just by doing that, a lot of stress was lifted from my shoulders. I usually weigh myself naked and right after I use the bathroom first thing in the morning. That way it is only "me" being wieghed.
Well, with wet hair and clothes on, I just had to step on the scale. I weighed the same as I had yesterday so I knew that there was some weight loss. And I just changed clothes and decided to step on the scale. I usually step on 2-3 times just to make sure it is accurate and I have lost a pound! Now I know that some of that is because my diet is starting to work, and I know some of that is because of eating more fiber=more elimination of my intestines. But I am thrilled!

Now not only are we getting our train wreck of a financial situation back on the rails again, but I am seeing the first positive change in weight for almost 3 years! I had just started really losing weight when I got pregnant with Nora, and then of course I was so ill that I lost weight initially, but then baby weight and such packed on and nursing didn't help me lose the weight.

Now I am watching portions and what I am eating and I think it is paying off!

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