Sunday, January 27, 2008

Phew! It's been a long but super enjoyable day.

Miss Nora let me sleep in (Thank you, baby!) I didn't have to get up until almost 8am today! Yay!

I debated going out to the ranch today because 6-8 inches _and_ a wind storm were predicted. Which could have meant we would be stranded. But the weather predictions have been so off- I decided to chance it.

Did I tell you that Nora has now graduated to a big-girl seat? She is still in a "car seat" but no longer the reclining ones. It looks like a mini "real car seat" but with a 5-point harness instead of the 3 point harness that adults use. It is so cute to see her in her seat and she really seems to enjoy it!

Anyway, we got a late start as I once again need to fold laundry so I had to hunt in the baskets for appropriate clothing for us both. We finally had it all together. We stopped for gas and munchies at the corner gas station and off we went. Once we got to the ranch, we chatted for a while before Loren, Bryony, and I went up to the upper barn to finish stalls and lunch time feeding.

It was tons of fun. The people on this ranch are just absolute gems. They have hearts of gold and would give you the clothing off their back if you needed it. We talked about dogs and horses and even did some knitting. A perfect day with people you care about!

I learn so much whenever I am out there. Nancy, the main ranch owner, has so much knowledge about so many topics. But she is really sweet about always being willing to learn more or new things.

I love seeing the horses. They are so beautiful and kind. I have never been around anyones horses that are kinder and more sweet. There are sweet, gentle and kind horses- and then there are RockinHeart horses.

Nora loves going out there. She loves everyone at the ranch and she especially loves playing with all the dogs too. Speaking of dogs, they breed rare dogs. You can find out more about them by visiting their website, but the Cirnecho Dell Etna dog is amazing. They are about 25lbs of red love. They will jump into your arms and would be happy if they could just crawl inside you and live with you forever. Seriously though- they are amazingly calm house dogs that are completely driven by their stomachs. They would build you a rocket to the moon if they thought you might give them a treat for it. So smart!

I was a bit worried about the roads a few times during the day because snow did start falling, but the temperature stayed pretty high and the roads stayed wet, but clear.

Nora, who has been going to sleep at 6pm didn't want to go to sleep and really didn't settle down until 8:30pm when we headed for home. I bet she sleeps in tomorrow!

Well it is late and the caffeine is starting to wear I will chat more later.

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