Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Am I a terrible mom if...

I say I am glad that the birthday rush for Nora is finally over.  We have one more thing that we promised- we promised a kid's party when it gets warm enough to host at a park- but that should be pretty easy.  We'll do the cake and ice cream- the kids will run around like maniacs.

Last night we used the money that Aunt Heather and Grandma Dee gave her to buy a microscope and telescope set.  We got them home only to find out how terrible they were.  The microscope would not focus and the provided slid was terrible.  It was so disappointing for Nora.

So I took the set back and got her a pretend kitchen which she is loving- so all turned out well.  I just wish the first set had been even halfway decent.

Yesterday, Nora was my buddy running errands after school was out for both of us.  She is so funy and imaginative.  I feel so blessed to have my daughter.  After we got done at the post office she decided we were hungry.  So I thought we would pop into a local Mexican place to get some Sopapillas.  Instead we ended up having an early dinner- just Nora and mom.  I decided we need to do that more often- just have a random treat where we get to spend some one on one time together.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday was my first trip back to the Couch 2 5k program that I got interested in last year.  I had to quite at minute 20 of a 30 minute program because I just couldn't get it done.  Today I tried again and even though it was hard, I got it done!  Boy were my legs jelly though!  I was running/walking a mile or more just a three months ago- I am surprised at how quickly my body has decided it doesn't want to do that any more.

I am taking some supplements that are supposed to help revv your metabolism and cleanse your body at night.  I don't know but last night I took some of the "detox" pills which are mostly natural ingredients and they seemed to work! 

Even though I had some weight gain yesterday, I think alot of it was water weight which the pills helped me get rid of...  As of this morning I am back down to 188.2 and I am going to keep working out all week and see what Sunday brings! I am excited!  Do you think I can get down to 185 or lower this week?  I really hope so!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Girl Scout cookie should not be allowed.  I should have more self-discipline.  And I certainly shouldn't be left alone with Samoas...

Yup- no weight lost this week.  Back to square one. 

So this moring I woke up at 5:30 and decided to get back to working out on the Eliptical every morning.  I made it about half way through week 1 and had to stop.  The eliptical kept sliding forward on the wood floors so I am going to have to put gripper mats under the "feet" of the eliptical before I do any more- I don't want to mark up the floors.

I am a bit worried that I am in a prediabetic stage.  I was looking into some warning signs yesterday and needless to say I had the wits scared out of me.  Diabetes has always been terrifying to me.  I really don't want to walk that road.  So I am going to be working out for 30 minutes in the mornings, walking on my breaks at work and also going to work out 30 minutes in the evening whenever I can.  I would really like to see an hour and a half of activity ever day.  I need to lose a minimum of 40 pounds but I would really like to see that closer to 60 or 70.  This will happen.  I will lose weight.  No more wasted time.  No more excuses.  It starts now!!

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