Monday, April 2, 2012


Girl Scout cookie should not be allowed.  I should have more self-discipline.  And I certainly shouldn't be left alone with Samoas...

Yup- no weight lost this week.  Back to square one. 

So this moring I woke up at 5:30 and decided to get back to working out on the Eliptical every morning.  I made it about half way through week 1 and had to stop.  The eliptical kept sliding forward on the wood floors so I am going to have to put gripper mats under the "feet" of the eliptical before I do any more- I don't want to mark up the floors.

I am a bit worried that I am in a prediabetic stage.  I was looking into some warning signs yesterday and needless to say I had the wits scared out of me.  Diabetes has always been terrifying to me.  I really don't want to walk that road.  So I am going to be working out for 30 minutes in the mornings, walking on my breaks at work and also going to work out 30 minutes in the evening whenever I can.  I would really like to see an hour and a half of activity ever day.  I need to lose a minimum of 40 pounds but I would really like to see that closer to 60 or 70.  This will happen.  I will lose weight.  No more wasted time.  No more excuses.  It starts now!!

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