Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Am I a terrible mom if...

I say I am glad that the birthday rush for Nora is finally over.  We have one more thing that we promised- we promised a kid's party when it gets warm enough to host at a park- but that should be pretty easy.  We'll do the cake and ice cream- the kids will run around like maniacs.

Last night we used the money that Aunt Heather and Grandma Dee gave her to buy a microscope and telescope set.  We got them home only to find out how terrible they were.  The microscope would not focus and the provided slid was terrible.  It was so disappointing for Nora.

So I took the set back and got her a pretend kitchen which she is loving- so all turned out well.  I just wish the first set had been even halfway decent.

Yesterday, Nora was my buddy running errands after school was out for both of us.  She is so funy and imaginative.  I feel so blessed to have my daughter.  After we got done at the post office she decided we were hungry.  So I thought we would pop into a local Mexican place to get some Sopapillas.  Instead we ended up having an early dinner- just Nora and mom.  I decided we need to do that more often- just have a random treat where we get to spend some one on one time together.

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