Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost a bit more weight!

In the last nine days, without any modifications other than watching what and how much I am eating, I have lost a pound!

Today I restarted my yoga routine (okay so I was supposed to do that earlier, but it just didn't end up happening). I did one routine already today and I am hoping to get another in before Doug gets home. I am so happy! I still have almost almost 50 pounds to lose, but I am losing it and getting healthier! I can't wait until I can see my cheekbones again! They have been MIA for a LONG time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watching the Biggest Loser-

Really makes me want to get into shape!

I am going to start by going to the Rec center tomorrow! Edit- I didn't realize that Doug's Work Schedule had changed so I am revising my plan to doing 2 yoga workouts and one cleaning workout *aka I need to shampoo the carpet before I can do yoga!! I am going to work out on the treadmill and the weight machines that I can. Then when I get home I am going to do at least one session of yoga!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Made Another Debt Payment!

Well, our second debt payment went off without a hitch! Another $230 paid to one company. In another 2 weeks they will get the same again and they will be gone- out of my life forever! Hurray! After that, as much as I would love to be giving an equal amount to everyone, I have two companies that are being particularly ugly about being paid. So each will be getting roughly $200 a month which will be great because it will be getting things paid.

One of the debts is to the University of Idaho. They are being particularly ugly and holding my transcript hostage. So they will get their money until the end of April at $200 a month and then at the Beginning of May when I take my summer job- I will use my first few paychecks to write them off the register completely. That will be nice. I want to have them send in my transcript before Fall so I can get more financial aid and have a better idea of what it will take to graduate.

It is looking like my graduation date will be December of 2011 and will incur an additional $40,000 in debt unless I can get some more free money. This summer I am going to be writing applications for all sorts of scholarships so hopefully that will help out.

But really, in the long run it won't be a full $40,000 of additional debt. Some of the money is going to be used to "pay" bad debt. I know that sounds weird, but in the long run I will take something that could be costing me as much as 20% interest and switching it to something that does not charge interest and when it does kick into interest it will be to the tune of around 6%. It will save a lot of money.

And if we continue to pay on our debt, there will be a lot paid off before I graduate. Once I do graduate, Doug and I have agreed to use my salary to pay off debt fast!

Really we are just holding on and doing the best we can until the end of 2011. 2011 is going to be a fantastic year! That will also give me a full year of paying on debt before Doug's stock in Winco matures. I am really looking forward to that. We have lots of plans. We will possibly be buying a house and land with that money (securing our home base so to speak). We should be able to pay the house completely off and maybe just make payments on the land (I want AT LEAST 5 Acres). Or perhaps Doug will be starting his own business. It really depends on how the economy is looking, and how happy Doug is where he is working.

I think he should continue to work at Wells Fargo and work up the ladder there. I think it is a great job with lots of potential.

Anyway- as much as I hate feeling broke all the time- I am so happy to have debt being paid off! Yay!

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