Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love this Picture

I just had to share this picture of Nora enjoying playing in the back yard!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Such a busy summer!

Wow! I am such a bad blogger! I have really dropped the ball here!

Lets see here. When last I posted, Nora and I had just been in a car wreck. Boy was THAT a mess to get everything straightened out. We ended up finally getting some injury money, our car fixed, but had to pay for a couple of days worth of rental car rent. But in the end the wreck helped us be able to move out of our OLD house in the very scary neighborhood into a sweet house in Laurel. We are in a better neighborhood and their are safe parks close by! The house has some weird things about it- like the floor slopes pretty bad in places, but over all it is a good house with a huge lawn and an apple tree! Previous owners even left a swingset behind.

The end of the semester went well. I passed all my courses with great grades except for one- my math course. The class average on the last two tests was below a D so I am not too upset- except that I will have to pay to take the course again. GRR. I was going to take a summer course but it was going to cost me over $1200 for just one course AND I would have had to pay that off before fall semester. So instead I am a year behind my graduation again. Oh well. By taking an easy year this year, I will lighten the load on myself during my hardest classes.

Then, Nora and I went up to Idaho to help some friends. Rockin' Heart Ranch took HS Infinite and two of his fillies to the Egyptian Event this year in Kentucky. They did really great, but that meant they needed someone to stay behind and watch the ranch. So Nora and I had a blast out there. Nora really bonded with this sweet goat and I seriously thought about calling our landlords and asking if we could keep her.

Nora and the goat would play together so well. I actually looked outside and they were sleeping together. Honest! But both woke up as I snuck up to get a picture, so Nora was holding her down a little so I could get a picture of kindof what they had looked like! LOL

Then when I got home, I had to hurry and get ready for my stall at farm fair. A few of the things- like my packaging- didn't happen the way I wanted them to. But we had a fun time anyway.

We had lots of fun at Farm Fair- Nora was excited to see Stella again-

And then on the way home we got to bring my sweet sweet horse home with us, which is of course where I have been spending as much time as I can!!

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