Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Saga Continues

Well, it took the insurance company 12 days from the day of the accident to get me a rental car. And what got delivered? A clown car. I am not going to mention what make or model as I know somewhere, out there, there is a fan of this particular car. Maybe even two.

_I_ feel cramped in this car, and I am only 5 foot tall! I know my poor husband feels cramped as well. Even Nora doesn't like it much. Maybe she is just picking up on our feelings. It feels like driving a VW Bug, without all the fun-ness of driving a bug. It even has a little clown car horn. Beep Beep.

Anyway, I called the insurance agent and of course they offered me an ultra low settlement. It would have been a disaster if we accepted it, I wouldn't have been able to buy another car to replace ours, not in the market around here. So, luckily I had done my research and knew my car was worth (in market value) just shy of 3x what they offered. I had to threaten to get a lawyer, called lawyer, called the Idaho Insurance Commission, and all that work just to call back to find that they were going to meet my demands! At least they are going to pay me a fair price for the car. Now I just need to see if they will pay lost wages.

On to the next big news! We already picked out a beautiful replacement car! We have shook hands on the deal and they have a wonderful "sold" sticker in the window. We are getting a 1999 Lincoln Town Car with all the bells and whistles except remote start. It only has 43,000 miles on it and a few blemishes to the paint which are no big deal. I can't wait for the insurance check to get here! I want my new car! :D

Nora is walking now. She is doing so great! She is also learning new words. She says Mama and Dada, has said "I love you" in that special way that only a mom or dad will understand, but she's trying, has said "red" when holding a red item. She really loves the Teletubbies show and also Classical Baby from HBO. I try to let her watch too much TV, but she really likes these two shows and will interact with the show by waving goodbye and laughing and such.

Since she is walking now, I bought her some hard soled shoes which are a little harder for her to walk in, but she is getting the hang of it. It is so funny to watch her walk when I first put them on, she would lift her leg up so high and take huge steps!

I am almost done with the quilts for Julia and Doc, Reo, Aria, and Rianna. Four in all. I think they are looking mighty spiffy myself :D Then my next project is Top Secret for now, but I promise and unveiling soon. I hope within the next two weeks or so! I am hoping this new project will bring in some much needed income. Wish me luck!

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