Sunday, June 13, 2010

Budget Win

I budgeted $150 for Groceries and the total bill came to $96.00!  And I only cut a few things from the list because I realized we had alternatives at home (like brown rice in our cupboard instead of buying a bag of white rice). 

Unfortunately, Doug has come down with this Flu so I might have to spend some of the savings on buying "sick food" but that's okay!  I am thrilled that I got 99% of our groceries for considerably under budget!

Economic Check In

So we just got our first Paycheck of the month.

So far we have paid an extra $550 in debt, not including what Doug paid since he has his set up to come out before his paycheck gets direct deposited.  I know he makes a bit more money than I do since he has been their longer so I know it had to be around $300 that was paid.  So roughly $850 in debt payment right off the bat.

We had an eating out night at Outback so that was approx $50, had car maint that was $35, Rent at $725 this month, Cable at $125, Electricity at $100.  I still need to pay some bills but we are on track so far for the month (mostly).  

We also have a LOT of left over food from the past few weeks of buying so I am writing my shopping list around reducing what is in the house.  I want to set up a better food rotation system.  I love having food in the house but not if we end up complaining that there is "nothing" to eat when there is a bag of brown rice, frozen meat and veggies, flour, budget mix, milk etc.  Just because Doug doesn't like the brown rice as much doesn't mean it doesn't need to get used up.

I also am looking into maybe moving my shopping day to Sundays so I can take advantage of Sunday coupons.  Or maybe I will reserve $2 to buy the Sunday flier the week I go shopping.  Not quite sure yet.

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