Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Doug and I had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We got to see both sides of our family. We went to Powell to see his Grandmother, Mother, Aunt and a cousin! It was a blast!! His grandmother was born in 1933 in Sweden, where she lived until she was 21. She is such a fun lady. She is spunky and says what she wants to say, yet she is so sweet and loving. She gave Nora an amazing gift. It is a necklace that belonged to her great-great-great Grandmother and her great-great-great grandfather's baby ring. They are both simple but very beautiful. I will take and post a picture when I can.

Then we drove down to Worland to see my side of the family. Everyone was here, even my two grandparents! It was so nice to see them. My grandfather is still walking with a cane after being attacked over fourth of July weekend, and my grandmother is on a cane still too after breaking her hip and hurting her neck about 2 months ago.

I am staying for another week here in Worland to be with family, but Doug had to go back to Billings for work and such. I miss him already, but the week will go buy super fast!

Today, Doug called because the car won't shift out of park. I happened to have the owner's manual here so I was able to find him and tell him the override procedure. Our tail lights have stopped working, we aren't sure yet if it is a blown fuse or a bad bulbs. I really hope it isn't something serious as we just don't have the money for this right now.

I really hate money problems. We were really hoping to be all done with this silliness by now. We are doing much better, but still we are looking onwards towards next month. We are hoping to gain ground next month. I really want to stop having to live paycheck-to-paycheck. It is so nerve wracking when unexpected things come up.

Well, I suppose that which does not kill you, makes you stronger! I just might have a head of white hair to show for it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was tagged by Diana of Frolics'N'Fibersfor a MEME! Basically, you get tagged, write 6 things about yourself and then tag 6 more blogs!

1) I am the youngest of four daughters, no sons!

2) I have a wacky personality! I love fantasy/science fiction, but at the same time, I love everything real, handmade...basically anything you could define as "Farmgirlish"

3) When I was younger I hated skirts/dresses but now I actually enjoy wearing them!

4) I used to think that I would hate having kids, that is until Nora came into our lives!

5) I love all horses, but my favorite breed is the Straight Egyptian Arabian.

6) I have found a away to combine two of my favorite things- Reading and doing crafts by listening to books on audio with my MP3 player which leaves my hands free to do other things!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sisterly Fun

I have webcam envy! Tonight I was ironing on some doll clothes, when I heard this weird beeping sound. I looked around at first thinking our phone was ringing. But no, the phone wasn't ringing so I went back to Ironing. Then something beeps again. So I decided to go make sure my computer wasn't melting down. Surprise! Two of my sisters were inviting me to a Yahoo chat conference! Fun!

So I got on and took the headset with the microphone from Doug. We chatted for a while...but here's the kicker...They both had webcams! So not fair!

I think I am going to request one from Santa!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Farmgirl meeting and Farmerette Play!

Yesterday Nora and I went to our twice weekly farmgirl meeting of the "Yellowstone Prairie Flowers". It was lots of fun, especially for Nora. We met at a place that had some play equipment which Nora thought was just the best. She had fun climbing all over the place, sliding down the slide and playing with other kids. There was one little boy that I think fell in love with her. He was "helping" her up the stairs which was so sweet even though she didn't need it, and he was giving her bouncy rides on this bouncy dinosaur. It was really sweet.

We met a new farmgirl friend yesterday too. We are hoping she will join our group. She seems really sweet.

Madelynne took some fantastic pictures for me- isn't she the sweetest? She took some pictures of Nora, which are now added to the slideshow, and she also took some pictures of a doll that I had made. The doll will be on her way to her new owner today, so the timing was perfect!

My Beautiful Nora Girl

Nora's Musings