Monday, November 24, 2008

Farmgirl meeting and Farmerette Play!

Yesterday Nora and I went to our twice weekly farmgirl meeting of the "Yellowstone Prairie Flowers". It was lots of fun, especially for Nora. We met at a place that had some play equipment which Nora thought was just the best. She had fun climbing all over the place, sliding down the slide and playing with other kids. There was one little boy that I think fell in love with her. He was "helping" her up the stairs which was so sweet even though she didn't need it, and he was giving her bouncy rides on this bouncy dinosaur. It was really sweet.

We met a new farmgirl friend yesterday too. We are hoping she will join our group. She seems really sweet.

Madelynne took some fantastic pictures for me- isn't she the sweetest? She took some pictures of Nora, which are now added to the slideshow, and she also took some pictures of a doll that I had made. The doll will be on her way to her new owner today, so the timing was perfect!


Ruth said...

That sounds great. It sounds like your farmgirl meeting was perfect. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it and so did Nora. That makes it even better.
She is such a beautiful little girl and I just love the apron.

corrine said...

Nora is getting so big! It doesn't seem like that long ago I was browsing through her new baby photos. I can just feel the sweetness glowing from her, you do a good job, mama!

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