Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sisterly Fun

I have webcam envy! Tonight I was ironing on some doll clothes, when I heard this weird beeping sound. I looked around at first thinking our phone was ringing. But no, the phone wasn't ringing so I went back to Ironing. Then something beeps again. So I decided to go make sure my computer wasn't melting down. Surprise! Two of my sisters were inviting me to a Yahoo chat conference! Fun!

So I got on and took the headset with the microphone from Doug. We chatted for a while...but here's the kicker...They both had webcams! So not fair!

I think I am going to request one from Santa!

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frolicnfibers said...

Hi Alee! I really enjoyed looking at your dolls on your other website, they are really precious! Also, I don't know if you do this sort of thing, but I "tagged" you for a "meme". i've never done one before, but someone tagged me, and it looked like a fun way to see some really great blogs and maybe promote yours some more. The details are on my latest post. Take care and happy dollmaking!

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