Saturday, June 25, 2011


My seven dollar garage sale bargain

Zoom zoom zoom

This is our decorations for the fourth!

Beautiful summer sunset over Wyoming roads

This is my dad. Can you tell he is a big hit at birthday parties?

Firefighter Nora!

Nora in her new hat and gloves from Down Under

I thought this was such a pretty picture. I love the texture that the window screen puts on it!

A Room with a View!

This is just one little part of Tala's new pasture.  She has great trees, a river, geese and even a duck.  She can socialize with horses over the fence but she has all this to herself.   It is probably about one and a half acres!
I have so much to do in one little day.  This weekend, my goal is to get the living room cleaned and organized from top to bottom.  I am all stocked up on cleaning supplies and I want everything from the ceiling, to the walls to the carpets cleaned and smelling good! J  Oh and I also have to take a test for my Finance class!  No sweat, right? LOL
I also want to spend time with Nora and maybe do a fun craft project or something!

My Beautiful Nora Girl

Nora's Musings