Thursday, April 24, 2008

Farmgirl Blog-A-Thon- In the Garden

Tina who has the beautiful GardenGoose blog is running the farmgirl blog-a-thon that I have been posting about. She is such a sweet Farmgirl!

This week we are talking about "In The Garden"

Right now I am gardenless but only until this summer. We are moving and this summer I am going to share a garden with my mom.

Last year I created a garden from a weed infested strip of land while I was 8 months pregnant! it felt so good to be creating something that would nourish us with a little life inside of me. Sky -Dog of course was my constant companion. I think she was the favorite thing I grew in the garden:

I actually had just filled that pot with water so she could drink and she decided her feet were too toasty warm! So cute! I just HAD to get a picture!

Gardens are an amazing way to reconnect with nature- even if all you have is one little tomato plant. When I go out and pluck out all those weed seedlings it is almost as if I am plucking away every irritation that bothers me in daily life. It's a zen moment for me for sure.

I also feel amazingly strong and independent each time I harvest a tomato or carrot or anything from my garden. It feels wonderful to be able to eat the food at the peak of freshness- not some pale imitation of food that was harvested much to early just so it doesn't spoil in transit.

I love the ladies over at the MaryJanesFarm Chat Forum. They always have an answer to any gardening questions that might come up. They originally showed me the light when it comes to lasagna gardening! What a great tip to keep weeds down, amend your soil, and help conserve moisture! The most basic explanation is a layering of compost-able materials to a depth that prohibits weed growth. The layers slowly decompose so you have to continue to add more. This works great with raised beds, but can be done without raised beds as well. There are several fantastic books out there and many websites. And of course the experienced ladies on the forum!

Last year my apartment managers decided to re-roof our complex and the roofer ran over my garden- finishing off my lettuce well before time. Even though- I got plenty of peas, carrots, and tomatoes- when I had the chance to harvest!

I am so looking forward to the garden this summer. I already can envision it in my head and I can almost taste that very first tomato already!

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