Saturday, November 22, 2008

Creating Dolls

As you probably know, I made my own version of Waldorf Dolls which I also sell on my website. Waldorf dolls are made with all natural materials, (Cotton, wool etc). They are designed to enhance imaginative play instead of narrowing down play into one sector. For instance, if you have a themed doll, a child's play is often restricted to that one type of play. However, Waldorf dolls are meant to be open ended. The child can pretend a history for the doll that can change minute by minute if the child wishes because there are no pre-set parameters of though surrounding them.

I am so pleased to have had a week of making dolls. I am making one for a little girl's Christmas present, and I am making 4 to go into a shop. I really hope they do well for the shop owner.

It is amazing. I use the same pattern for each doll, but I have noticed that each doll takes on it's own personality as I make him or her. There are always slight variations in size. Some come out plumb like babies, and one came out super model skinny! I always cut the fabric on the same grain and use the same seam allowance. The only explanation I have is that there is a hidden doll in each yard of my fabric. Or perhaps my subconscious has an image of how the doll should be and that guides my hands. Either way I feel like each one of these dolls is unique.

I decided to start sewing the eyes a bit differently. I really like combining 2 colors of embroidery floss to achieve a multicolored, multidimensional look. Even the stitching pattern is a bit different. It might take longer, but I think it gives a really nice effect over all.

I hope to be able to take some pictures soon!

And now I get to go back to one of the funnest parts- sewing pretty clothes in miniature for the dolls!

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