Saturday, November 22, 2008

Such a Little Thing...

Yesterday we had to take Nora to the ER. She's okay. But at the time we thought she had a sprained wrist or even had broken something.

So I went to lay down. It's that time of the month and without my normal remedy (a long soak in a hot hot tub) I am suffering from exhaustion and cramps. Nora decided she wanted to climb up and take her nap with me. So she started to climb up on the the bed, and was reaching for the blanket to use as a hand hold. Thinking to help her, I help out my hands and was slightly pulling her up, when her little foot slipped. Suddenly she was crying and saying "Ouch Ouch Ouch." I got her comforted and we were laying together when I realized she wasn't moving her left arm at all. Any time I touched her arm she would cry out in pain.

So Doug and I rushed her to the ER where we were informed this is a very common injury and not to worry. (Don't worry? My kid is crying in pain and you say don't worry?!)

Luckily with a gentle twist (Even though this hurt Nora) he was able to fix her arm. It's called Nursemaid Elbow which is literally a dislocation of part of the elbow. It can happen up to age 5 in children by any tugging motion on the arm because of stretchy ligaments.

Within 2 minutes she was using her arm again and not showing any indication of pain. Today she was climbing all over things again and acting like her self again. I feel even more exhausted now than I did before. It was such a trauma and a scare. I am so grateful that she wasn't hurt more and that it was such an easy fix.

I have so much more sympathy for my poor parents who had to suffer through me having a broken bone at 3 different times and smashing up my face badly in a bike wreck. I don't think that anyone can quite comprehend fear that a parent feels until your child is hurt and you can't fix it. I am so thankful that we live in an area where a doctor is only minutes away.

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