Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frugal Living Tip

I love my Costco card. Costco saves me lots of money each month and allows us (Doug) to have a few extras (Mountain Dew). I am really pleased that they have so many organic choices now and some of them are hardly more expensive than the conventional product right next to it.

Now, not all organics are made equal. Some companies are certified Organic, and while they use and process their foods in an organic nature, they aren't living up to the Spirit of the movement. However, when I am standing in the store and I can choose a product that was grown with lots of fertilizer, pest and weed chemical control, or I can pick one that was grown without all that? I will choose the organic product every time.

So I feel great about frugally buying Organic at Costco. Their gasoline also runs about 4-10 cents cheaper per gallon which in of itself just about pays for our membership each year. So Costco gets a huge Frugal Vote Yes.

Another thing that I am finding very frugal is to shop my local Organic food Stores. Organic bananas for $.49 a pound? Yes please! Sure, they need to be eaten or baked into banana bread that day because they are at peak ripeness. But you won't hear me complaining! Also look for (especially in Montana) Milk that is about to pass it's "Sell By" Date. Usually the store will mark these down for quick sale because they lose money if the product doesn't sell. I have seen ORGANIC _GALLONS_ of relatively local milk on sale for only $4.99! Yup! That is what I call a bargain!


Kate (frugal Living Tips) said...

Yum I love Banana bread.
I think babanas have come down in cost in general over the last year. Even here in the Uk, I can now buy more bananas at a lower cost then ever before.

So get out there and buy the good stuff. :)

Ruth said...

I love frugal tips. Unfortunately, we don't have a Costco here. I wish we did because it sounds great.

Aunt Jenny said...

It is an hour and 1/2 to our nearest Costco, but every time I go up north I sure stop there for certain staples. I love costco.
I wish we had more organic choices close by. It makes me so thankful to have Mona and the chickens and a garden each year. You do what you can.
have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

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