Sunday, November 16, 2008

Strong Baby Nora

Today we had to run a few errands. At the store, Nora was happy to be pushed around until just till the end. I asked her if she wanted to get down. She nodded yes and held her arm up to be picked up. I showed her how she could push the cart by grabbing the bars. Away we went! I just straightened her path when she was veering off course. She pushed that cart all the way to check out and then from check out back to the cart station. She even walked all the way to the car.

Now, Nora has been walking since before she was even a year old, but of course, being a first time mom, I get a bit over protective when we are out an about. She is so fast and so small (relatively) that I fear that unless I keep her mind occupied, she will wander off to occupy it herself! The world is an awfully big place, and so interesting to young inquisitive minds.

But I think I learned something today. There is a time to carry and restrict movement, and there is a time when you have to realize the baby you are carrying isn't quite a baby any more, and it is time to let them spread their wings just a bit.

Now we have to work on enforcing that she has to come when called. It is so easy to make it a game of chase, but I don't really want to play games when we have to make a trip to a store!

I am going to make another batch of soap tomorrow. What can I say... I am addicted to soap. At least it is a healthy addiction! I also found out that some of the materials I need to make the dolls that have been ordered are on sale! Serendipity! I love sales!

I spent all day working on homework. I really need to get more of this done during the week!! I hate wasting a full day on it. Okay, it's not wasted, but you know what I mean! What is really frustrating, is that I can't do part of my assignment for my Research class since I am supposed to find reference material in our Library in certain locations, and the library has let me down. Hopefully my teacher will have some good suggestions.

I am looking forward to the end of the semester. I will have passed my classes, registered for new classes, and then I get a blissful month off to relax and rejuvenate! Bliss!


Proud Farmgirl #195 said...

My dear my children are nearly 13 and 17 years old. You are right it is a scary world we live in. I still barely let them out of my sight. Crime has gone way up in my area in the last few months. I swear sometimes I wish I could put a GPS microchip in them.

Alee said...

Hi Farmgirl 195!

They do have GPS tracking bracelets that you can put on the child, I am not sure how easy they are to remove, and they are pretty expensive. But I think if we lived in a more crime ridden place, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one. If you Google "Brick House Child Locator" it is a really neat concept. I found out about them through a Duracell commercial, of all places!

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