Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is your vice?

My vice is sugar. Real sugar...HFCS (eww I know..) anything sweet! And for a while now- the easiest way for me to get my sweet fix was to chug a soda. Yup. I know. It's really bad bad bad bad.

So I have devised a "get away from sugar" scheme. I am on a sugar diet. I really hate the "sugar alternatives" I think they are really horrible for you. But I made a bit of a "deal with the devil" so to speak. I switched from regular pop to diet. I am still drinking way to much soda- but right now I have to get through finals and soda delivers the caffeine I have been needing. So I figure that as soon as finals are over I am going to restrict how much soda I am drinking. Then I plan on by Valentines day to have it down to only drinking soda on special occasions.

My other way to help with the sugar addiction is going to put a cap on how many treats I can have. If I have home baked goods in the house- I can have a small sweet after lunch and dinner and maybe one before bed...we'll see.

But no buying sweets. My one caveat to that rule is special occasions. If I get really stressed, or we go to the movies or something... A girl has to have her chocolate.

But as lenient as this all is- it is still a big restriction from what I have been doing for the past few years. So wish me luck please! I am hoping to change my taste buds and quit wanting sweets so often!


Zan Asha said...

Hey Alee, I know how it is..I am a carb freak! It took me awhile to curb the pasta and breads thing, but it's now ok and my body can regulate itself :)

It's tough, I know, so I am sending you all kind of anti-sugary vibes :)

K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

ahhh yes Alee, I too love the cookies & candy But surprising usually only during Christms & of course Valentines day. The rest of the time its savory treats for me.. and Chips! corn chips w/salsa.. now why would I can 12 jars? Well good luck is all I can say..Clay is diabetic so it's hard to have these tasty morsels around so I have to hide them..and I do not do it well.. *sigh* But It's Christmas!

frolicnfibers said...

Congrats on the weight loss and the good choices. It's a hard road, but you can do it! My downfall is fat, in any form...french fries, pork ribs, cheese...I could go on, and on...

lacisne88 said...

Good luck Alee! I wish you all the best with this! My weakness is just the opposite...salty snacks, and salt is bad in large quantities too.

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