Saturday, April 14, 2012

Second week of Induction starts today!

So I closed out the first week of induction with a total loss of 6.1 pounds!  Yay!  I am so so excited!  What a great feeling!  I was hoping to make it a round 7 pounds but last night I tried the "Muffin in a Minute" recommended on the Atkins community board.  It's made with ground flaxseed instead of flour.  This poured a lot of fiber into my system and I think that actually kept the scale from budging now but having a regular influx of a strong fiber is good and needed and I am sure the weight loss will catch up in a day or so.

I am still striving for a loss of 15 pounds in a month.  I am hoping that by adding a little more exercise I can race for the finish.  I know 15 is an arbitrary number but it would just be so so fantastic! 

So far I am enjoying the diet and losing weight.  I don't feel deprived and I certainly feel like I have more energy mid-day and a more positive attitude.

Wish me luck!

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