Thursday, April 12, 2012

Five pounds lost!

Don't you hate it when you have a nice long blog post already typed out and you accidetally hit the red X instead of the minimize button?

Anyways- Atkins is doing really well.  I have lost 5 pounds since the beginning of the month.  When I started I was at 190- I had lost some pounds before Atkins started and then gained them back.  Which was the story of my life pre-atkins.  Lose some pounds, then gain them back.  Back and forth.  Exhausting and disappointing!

I feel awesome on Atkins and am learning ways to "treat" myself without breaking the rules.  We went shopping last night and we got lots of protein.  Today's breakfast will be cheesy eggs with mushrooms.... (the kind would call it an omlette, but I have never been good with those!) and a couple of links of breakfast sausage! :)  Last night's dinner was pan cooked chicken breast, a small green salad with grape tomatoes, and a creamed shave ice.  Wow- what an amazing treat!  We bought an ice shaver which does a pretty decent job for only being 20 dollars.  Then I got some sugar free syrups (coffee, cream soda and now shave ice ready!) I put some on and the flavor was good but actually a bit too much, so I drizzled some cream on my shave ice... WOW!  It was AMAZING!  I love the fact that I can have cream and such even on the induction phase of Atkins.

I also bought some flavored water.  It is sweetened with Splenda so that is good.  Another brand had aspertame in it which is not alowed on Atkins.  I wonder why Aspertame is not allowed.  So frustrating since so much has aspertame- like Crystal Lite etc.  Anyway the flavored water was a bit of a let down- tasted to much like club soda to me... until I put a tiny bit of cream in it- That really helped mediate the "bite" of the club soda.  Also the flavor was orange so it tasted like a very muted creamsicle!  Yummy!  Now I just wish I could find a water that had more flavor, less club soda taste.

Doug has noticed that my energy is going way up.  I make it through the day without the afternoon slump.  My mood is elevated from what was my "normal" and I think I would be sleeping better if we had a decent mattress.  I am really looking forward to getting back down to the 170's which I haven't seen for a while.  Then from there on I am just going to keep shedding pounds until I get to my goal.  This WILL happen.  I am determined!

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