Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Atkins is starting to get easier-

Yesterday I bought some shakes and "endulge" treats that are Atkins brand.  That did make it quite a bit easier.  I had a shake for breakfast, a peanut butter endulge treat as a snack, a salad with two hard boiled eggs for lunch and a bunch of pork for dinner.  We need to work on sides at home but it is almost time for a shopping trip so that will be fixed soon....

The good news?  I dropped exactly one pound since yesterday!  Wow!  Now I need to start adding in my exercise to keep up the good work!  My goal is to reach 15 pounds of weightloss this month alone.   I am just a few ounces away from the five pound mark already- so I have 20 days to lose 10lbs! 

I am really excited to see such good results already.  It makes the sacrifices totally worth it to see the pounds coming off. I would really like to see another 15 pounds come off in may.  That would put me down to 162 which is pretty close to where I was when Nora was concieved.  My goal is to get down to 130-125.  I would love to run a 5k- actually run it by the end of the year.  So some of my weight loss is going to be training for an event like that.

Well I better get off blogging and go do some exercise!  Here's hoping tomorrow I have two pounds off to report!

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