Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My first big challenge

Went out to eat tonight with an old childhood friend. Awesome. It was great to see him again. We shared stories about our families and got caught up on each other's lives. It was really good to catch up. I was even good on my diet and ate a nice healthy salad.

Then I got home. You know how even when you have dinner if there is your favorite meal, you always want to eat? Yeah. Well Doug made pasta. Our own version of super quick goulash. Yummy yumm yummy. And I can't have any. (The dirty rat!) Who makes pasta when someone in the family is going off carbs? Seriously!

Oh well. So I have had a glass of milk which technically is a little cheat since I am only supposed to have a limited amount of skim and this is whole, but it's frozen and I can tell by the taste most of the fat and such is still frozen. It tasted mostly like water. If I am still a little hungry after about half an hour or so I might have a little cheese but really I am not HUNGRY- I am more just missing that blood sugar rush that carbs can give you. That comfort food feeling.

I am so looking forward to the day when I can eat carbs again. Just one more day to get through and I will be carb free! Whoo hoo! I am definitely looking forward to that. So starting Thursday I will be burning mostly fat fuel not food fuel. I am ready! Bring it baby! *LOL*

I think the biggest challenge is that I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. When I am at work I have very controlled times that I am off the phone. If I don't have bad snacks at my desk I simply can't eat. At lunch if I can win the battle over myself and order a salad or bring a salad to eat then I win. I can master THAT part of it.

It's when I am home. When the boredom strikes or when I am avoiding doing my chores. That's when it starts to seem like a good idea to eat. And eat frequently. And how about some cookies... Uh yeah... Maybe there is a reason I am so big? LOL

Well here is goes. Two days down. One day left till I am carb-free. I'll keep you posted!

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