Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Losing Weight!
I have a friend who started a diet a couple of weeks ago.  Its the Ideal Protein Diet.  I was suspicious at first, but then she lost 10lbs in a week.  She is looking amazing.  I did some research into the diet and it makes sense to me.  So I am trying it as well.  Well see how we do.  Basically you eat protein, certain veggies but stay away from all carbs/sugar/fruit.  What the literature that I have read says that our bodies have a built in reserve of energy supplied by carbs that lasts about 3 days.  After 3 days of not consuming carbs, your body starts looking elsewhere for fuel.  The best fuel source is our fatty deposits and our muscles.  By consuming adequate amounts of protein and non carb filled veggies you supply your body with enough to keep it from consuming too much muscle mass and keep the digestive track moving.
Yesterday was my first day off carbs.  I didnt find it too hard until the evening when Nora was eating popcorn in front of me.  Suddenly making caramel corn (popcorn carbs plus loads of sugar carbs! EEK!) sounded really good.  I ate a little low fat mozzarella cheese as a snack and went to bed having successfully avoided the carb trap. 
Today I was making Nora breakfast and her oatmeal smelled really good- especially with the maple syrup!  But the good news is I started at 178 and this morning I stepped on the scales and weighed in at 175.8  I dont think I have ever gone a full 24 hours without eating carbs before.  Also some of that might be water weight that is shedding because I was retaining before but I am definitely encouraged.
An important part of this plan is to drink lots of water to help the body flush out the nasty stuff that can be stored in with the fat.  I personally am just looking forward to getting down to a healthier weight.
After you get down to the weight you like, you enter phase 2 which allows a lot more food variety in the diet while helping your body adjust back to burning carbs too.  After completing stage 2 there is a final stage- stage 3.  I am not too concerned with a weight gain back since I maintain my (high) weight rather well with my normal eating habits, though I think I will probably always watch my carbs a bit closer.
Wish me luck on my day 2!  One third of the way to ridding myself of carbs and then onto fat burn!!

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