Sunday, May 30, 2010

A few days of cheating-

Well I have to admit I did cheat. It started with trying to make a cheesecake that would work since I bought Doug one from the store. I overbaked mine so the consistency was...not good. I just couldn't eat it.

Then I caved in yesterday and ate a piece and a half of Doug's cheesecake.

But I have still stayed away from most other carbs and am getting back on the plan as of today.

But even with my cheats and over eatting my approved protien at night, I only gained back half a pound. Normally I would have seen at least a 2lb increase. So I am coming to the realization I need to have my afternoon protien snack around 5 ish so that I am not so hungry for dinner. Then I need to eat my salad first and maybe give it 10-15 minutes before I eat the protien of dinner so I don't want to overeat so much.

It's all about making it work for you in real life so while I did gain a little back I still LOST almost 5lbs in a week! I am very excited and encouraged about this! Being back at work this week after 5 days off will make the diet easier since I will have more things to concentrate on and less options to cheat.

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