Monday, July 28, 2008

Feeling Better Today

After blogging yesterday I continued to have a crummy day. I got lots of Farmgirl Support over at MaryJane's Farm Chat Forum. Thank you ladies. You make my day each and every time you chat with me. It means a lot. I talked with Doug too, and ended up crying. Sheesh. I hate it when that happens. I guess I just have been bottling up a lot inside me and it has decided to all come out at once.

Doug was so sweet. He said he had even been losing sleep trying to figure out a way for this to work for me. We both agree (I really do agree) that now is just not the time for Tala to be mine. That is unless someone wants to offer free pasture within 2 hours of Billings?

I know it will feel amazing once we get these silly debts off our back and our credit scores recover. I know it will feel amazing to graduate from college with a degree that will not only help finance my dream but will help me to be successful at my dream.

I am feeling better about everything today. I will be sad to say goodbye to Tala, but I know in my heart I will be able to buy another sweet filly from my ranch friends when the time is right. All their horses are sweet and have lovely tempers. Doug even offered to arrange it so I can go out when it is time to impregnate the mare and all that so I can feel tied to the new foal just like Tala. I told him that was sweet but it wouldn't be the exact same. If Tala does get sold, and I can't buy her (please let it be a filly!) sibling then I might take him up on the offer. Yikes! I hope we can get our financial quagmire fixed in the next couple of months so I don't have to wait TOO much longer!

Again, I really appreciate all the love and support you all have given me. I felt hugged yesterday and woke up feeling grateful to have such loving friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alee

I know it's hard digging out of debt (still doing it) but I also know how rewarding it will be when we get there. Sorry now was not the right time for you to get your much beloved horse. Praying that the worrying subsides soon. Big hugs!!

Laura - Mommyswanson


Love your Outpost!! & your doggie!!!

Anonymous said...

Alee, some decisions are tough, but remember that your priority right now is working toward making a secure and comfortable future for Nora. She is your "foal" and the reason you need "stable" finances before you can think about anything else. Maybe you don't manage to own a horse until Nora is 5 or 10 years old. So what? Imagine how much better it will be if it doesn't involve financial worries! Until then, can you think of any free or low-cost ways you can include horses in your lives?
Best of luck to you & your family.

My Beautiful Nora Girl

Nora's Musings