Sunday, January 6, 2008

I got denied

The college decided that I did not show enough fore planning and forethought in submitting my petition. Needless to say, I am pretty sad and disappointed about all of this. I do have one last chance- a chance to petition the petitions committee. Otherwise I am out of school until summer session. I might end up going to summer session and taking a heavy course load right up until the day we move. Ugh. This will make for a very miserable summer and we might have to beg our landlords to extend our lease for a month and a half so I can attend school.

So right now a whole deck of cards just got thrown into the air and I am just waiting to see where they land.

Yesterday, Nora and I dashed out to the horse ranch to take my frustrations out on horse manure. It's amazing how some good old fashioned hard labor can put a new perspective on things. We had a wonderful day and it always feels good to help friends out and lighten another person's load.

Nora is going to be walking soon so I am already starting to think ahead to the next stage of her potty training. I want to buy a training potty, ( I will probably buy one from the consignment store) and sit Nora on it when we play games like Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Little Star, ABC's with Finger Spelling and so on. I will keep her happy to be in one spot hopefully until she potties and then she will get praised and told how wonderful she is. I know she is really young yet (only 9 months) but I figure that if she is exposed to the potty chair now, and gets rewarded for using it now, then as she gets older and decides to use it herself it will make potty training easier. Who knows- I might get a potty trained one year old out of the bargain!

The only downfall I can see from this plan is that one of her first words is going to be "Potty!!"

Nora is growing so fast. The 30 inch diapers that I made a few months ago are already starting to be too small. I need to find all of my sewing supplies, but I believe I still have quite a bit of elastic and Velcro left so I will probably use my latest purchase of flannel to make contoured diapers instead of the flat folds. I love the flat folds, but I think I can re-use the old diapers for the soaker pads for the contoured diapers which would save a lot of flannel. I really like Mama Bird's diaper pattern which can be found here:

More later, my friends. Nora is starting to protest being awake. (Obviously this is a horrible ordeal that I have concocted just to torment her ;p ) So I needs must go and help her off to dream land!

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Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Alee -- I'm so sorry that you got denied. I'm sure that you're disappointed. But when I've been in disappointing situations like this I try to tell myself that God has better things in store! Something great is just around the corner!


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