Thursday, January 10, 2008

Save your Children! We NEED to eat Organic!

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Jen Bove introduced me to "The Story of Stuff" and while I watched this FANTASTIC movie, I was shocked to learn that breastmilk- you know the stuff I have been feeding my daughter for the last nine months- is considered the most contaminated human food! Now, of course Breast Is Best, but it shocked me and I wondered why I didn't realize this before. So I started looking into this a bit more and found some amazing articles that I think every woman and especially every mom should read! Let's educate ourselves and get those contaminents OUT!

In this day and age, I feel it is our duty as educated moms to combine private health practices with political action. Lets not let big agribusiness contaminate our breastmilk anymore! Let's stand up and take back the most basic of our rights- to feed our children a healthy and nutritious food that is designed for them!

If you want to continue reading, just google "Contaminated BreastMilk" or "breastmilk contaminated" So what should we do? We should:
Eat Local from farmers you TRUST
Eat Organic- you won't find organic growers using human waste sludge as fertilizer (a main factor in the contaminate food chain)
Get rid of carpets and other fabrics that out gas into the environment.
Write letters to the government letting them know that it is NOT okay to poison us and our children.

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