Saturday, December 29, 2007

We have a Sock Theif in the House.

My husband wears my socks. And it drives me up the wall. It has gotten so bad that he has used up 20 pairs of my socks in the last 2 months.

Let me back up a minute. I am very particular about my socks. They have to fit (I wear a size 5-6 American women's). I like a nice snug sock with lots of cushion. I also like a sock that keeps it's shape through out the day. There is nothing worse than a limp, thin sock that gets all stretched out and floppy through out the day.

So I recently bought a package of white "No Nonsense" brand socks. They are fine- not perfect- but decent. It is the first package of socks that I have bought for myself in probably a year or more.

And what do I see? My husband stretching them over his big huge man feet! ARGH!!! NOOO!!! I can't wear them after that because it stretches the fabric out of shape and they become floppy even if they looked okay out of the dryer. *sigh*

So after he ruined most of the first package I bought a second package- and he started doing it again!!

So he is in the doghouse...or is that Sockhouse? tonight.

I need pink socks that he wouldn't dare wear! lol


nashbabe said...

Finally someone else who is particular about socks besides me.:-) I always say that if I were rich I would change socks five or six times a day, and they'd all be coolmax, fleece, or some other extremely comfortable socks. Sweaty feet, what can I say. Hubs, go get your own sox. :-)

Aunt Jenny said...

I love socks husband leaves mine alone..they are mostly striped and colors he won't wear...but 13 year old daughter is awful about stealing them away..jeesh!! her feet are already size 8. I wear 9's. She is my oldest daughter...only one of two I have, along with 5 boys. My three grown boys never touched my socks..they stole my husbands socks constantly though. Guess it is my turn..darn it!!
I loved finally getting here to your blog!! Happy new Year!!

Fonville Farm said...

You crack me up! I thought only mothers of daughters had that problem:)
I would definately go for the pink!

LynnMarie, MJF Girls said...

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Would you share your recipe for this polish?


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