Friday, December 28, 2007

My Poor Baby Nora!

My poor baby Nora! She is having a wicked time with this most recent round of teething. She is not only getting her front two teeth in, but the ones next to them and possible the ones next to them! I can't quite tell because she hates it when I look into her mouth. I know for sure that she is getting four teeth in at once and possibly two more. One has cut through already and I am just waiting for the rest of them to hurry up and grow in.

It seems that once the teeth do cut through, they grow up pretty fast. Is that just me or is it like that for every kid? Or is it just that crawling/cruising babies who are into everything keep up so busy that time just flies by?

We returned the rental Jeep yesterday. I must say, it is weird to realize you prefer your 8 year old car to a brand new car. The Jeep Liberty is a nice enough car. I liked having power everything, the car key lock beeper thing, you could adjust the volume of the stereo from the steering wheel and so forth. I liked all those things. I especially liked the color and the fact that it was all nice and shiny. BUT... it has a weird center of gravity. I never felt like I could relax while I drove because it felt kind of "swishy" going around corners. It did not like ice. Maybe it was just too much power for me after my little Sunfire. Luckily, the Sunfire is getting it's new front end this morning and I should have it back by this afternoon.

Sure, the Sunfire might be old. The upolstery might be a little torn on the floor on the driver's side and it might have a few dents (okay a few big dents). But, it handles great in the snow and I have never gotten stuck while driving it. It has needed a few minor repairs, but over all it has taken one heck of a beating and kept on going! Here's to hoping it can make it for another few years.

I am definitely going to want a new car in the next couple of years, but I am going to be so picky. Driving the Jeep really has shown me a few things. For example- I will never buy a car in Spring, Summer, or Fall. I want a nice thick layer of snow, ice, slush and black ice on the roads when I am car shopping. That way I will know that the new car can handle it. Then as soon as I buy my car- the roads can clear up and the good weather can come back! :D

So back to Nora. We do cloth diapering as I think I already mentioned. When she was born she fit into the the "new born" diaper wraps for a long time and then we moved up to the next size. I'm not exactly sure how big they are supposed to fit, but I think we need to go buy the next size up. When I put her in the velcro ones and then sit her down, one side is popping open! So most of the time when she is just in her diaper- I will look down and realize she is only in her diaper and the diaper wrap is...somewhere...

Good thing we have a great Natural Living store here in town. It's called the "Natural Abode". I suppose if I didn't want to sew my own diapers I could buy theirs. They look nice, but there is something so nice about sewing your own diapers.

I think the thing I love the most about being a farmgirl is what I learn through my association with the ladies on the Farmgirl Forum. They inspire me to become a better me. And to learn more of the "lost" arts.

Before becoming a MJF (MaryJanesFarm) Farmgirl I hadn't ever really sewn before, I had never canned, and I honestly didn't think much about running up to Wal-Mart for every little thing. I must admit I was starting to get wrapped up in the "Keeping up with the Jone's" ratrace.

But I am now sewing my first quilt. I have been doing embroidery for several pillowcase swaps, I sew Nora's diapers, make my own soap, sell hand made items at the farmer's market, and I canned tomato sauce and homemade Spaghetti sauce this year. I also picked about 10 gallons of blackberries and made some wonderful blackberry pies.

I no longer run to big box stores for every little thing. I have found some great treasures at GoodWill. I feel so smart and happy when I find a perfectly good sweater or tea cup, and I know I am making those goods have a longer life instead of going to the land fill. And I save money. Also I have gotten some pretty nice designer clothes at goodwill for cheaper than I could buy a tee-shirt at Wal-Mart. Funny- Our GoodWill is right next to our Wal-Mart too!

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