Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Morning!
This morning is gorgeous here in South Eastern Montana.  The sun is up and I can already feel that it will be a warm, glorious day.   The Johnny Jump Ups are flowering all over the yard and my neighbor has this wonderful garden that I can see outside my window in our dining room.  I am so grateful that she has planted this beautiful space.  It really gives me a lot of pleasure to see her garden.  You can tell that over the years she has added and cared for it with an artist’s eye.  I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow to share.
Still plugging away with Induction on Atkins.  You can stay on it as long as you want and I really want to keep losing weight as quickly as is healthy and possible.  Going to the Ongoing Weight Loss is reputed to slow weight loss down a bit so until I am within 15-20 pounds of my goal- I am going to keep on induction.  I think I can still get a 10 pound loss for this month which makes me so happy!   I really need to incorporate some stretches and exercise into my program so starting today, I am going to take all my breaks outside and walk around the building where I work!
I am so happy that the warmth of spring is here.  Spring is always such a wonderfully hopeful and renewing time.  As if seeing new grass and plants coming up encourages us to renew our spirits as well.  I am all for a little spring cleaning of the soul… How about you?

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