Friday, April 18, 2008

Farm Food Review

As many of you know, I spend a lot of my daily time over at The MaryJanes Farm Forum. I love getting to know all the lovely creative ladies who spend a little time chatting everyday.

But there is a whole other facet to the MaryJanesFarm experience that you might not realize. MaryJane has created some AMAZING meals, breads, chocolates, and side dishes that are "fast food that isn't junk". Her food are amazing. Most you just rip open a pouch, pour in an amount of boiling water, fold, let sit for a few minutes, then stir and enjoy!

Here below are the ones I have tried, links to how you can purchase them, and a review! Simply click on the photo to be taken to MaryJane's site to order!

I just have to say- all of her chocolates are DIVINE! Seriously. If you haven't tried one, or if you crave a _good_ chocolate bar- stock up. They are amazing. I kept buying box after box meaning to give them as Thank You's for help with my wedding, and somehow they kept getting eaten...

Task Bars:
As one of the ladies on the forum said "My favorite Taskbar is the one I am eating at the time!" From Mango Smoothie to Cherry Cobbler to Raspberry Jam n' Peanuts- They are all delicious and a healthy way to give you that extra energy you need to get through the day.

Outrageous Outback Oatmeal-

This is a sweet hearty oatmeal breakfast with currants and sunflower seeds in it. My darling daughter Nora would shove this into her mouth as fast as she could if I let her! It is rich and amazingly good.

Budget Mix:

This has got to be one of my all time favorites, not just for flavor, but for sheer versatility. MaryJane had worked really hard in coming up with some really fabulous recipes that can be found in her Farm Kitchen version of the Magazine!

Or the Tote Bag Special with Budget mix and the Farm Kitchen Magazine AND a beautiful tote (I love mine!)

The following meals I have tried and my mouth waters as I post the pictures here for you! They are amazing and so well pulled together!
Northwest Garden Couscous:

Organic Southwestern Couscous:

Organic Wild Forest Mushroom Couscous:

Eat Your Veggies Pasta:

Organic BNT Bac'un (Vegetarian)Noodles and Tomatoes:

Nick's Couch Potatoes:

Organic Bare Burrito:

Black Beans and Rice:
(I eat this plain all the time!)

Organic Curry In a Hurry:

Organic Jambalaya:
(One of Husband's Favorites!)

Creamy Potato Soup:

Velvety Black Bean Soup:

Organic Scones with Orange and Walnut!

All of these pictures are from the MaryJanesFarmwebsite- most taken my MaryJane herself (if not all!)

I highly encourage you to try these foods and any others on her site! I am still buying and trying her foods too and have yet to be disappointed by a single one!


napa farmhouse 1885 said...

your blog is beautiful..the story on mary jane's food has me starving. i, too, use her products all the the budget mix and make "bake-overs" all the time! placed an order for some of the quick prep products..and the chocolate bars..a few days ago. counting down the minutes to the ups delivery!

napa farmhouse 1885

ga.farmgirl said...

The photos alone make me ready for a snack, lunch, supper or something!
I plan on getting an order together soon.
Good job.

GardenGoose said...

ooh those all look so yummy! I have tried the budget mix and really enjoyed it.
and have tried one of the chocolate bars..ooh yummy. all these pictures are wonderful. thanks for shating about this!

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