Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adventures of a Running baby

Nora is still learning to walk, but she thinks she can run already. Well, she is a pretty good walker, considering she has only been doing it for 2 months. Tonight for no apparent reason she lost her balance and fell, smashing her mouth right into the coffee table. Oh it looked like it hurt so bad! Her little lip smooshed into the table so hard it split on the inside.

I wish I could tell her that is is okay and that she will feel better tomorrow. Like a champ she stopped crying pretty quick and after some ora-gel she went back to playing and eating dinner.

Anyone know where I can buy a foam rubber coffee table?


Anonymous said...

Hello! My husband and I are expecting a baby in the fall, and were wondering about cloth diapers...We thought you might have some ideas. Thanks! -folks in Moscow

Alee said...

Hi Folks in Moscow!

Congrats on the wonderful baby that you are about to have! I am so happy for you! Cloth diapering is so easy and such a joy! I would love to help in any way possible- whether helping you find information or helping to sew even.

Please send me an email at alee(at)

N Marie said...

Owie! I still have a scar on my forehead (22 years later) from when I landed on the coffee table. Owie owie owie. Tough little lady you got there.

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