Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I should not be allowed vehicles...I really shouldn't

An Ode to my abilities to destroy vehicles.

When I was younger it was always a dream
to be in possession of free flowing wheels
to escape to parts unknown
with a simple press of the accelerator.

I took the driving course, I passed the test
I was handed the keys to a vintage 1970 VW Bug.
"Now drive safe, the car has made it this long
Lets see if it can last a few more drivers"
My parents cautioned.

The bug "Morty" and I were fast friends
The town was ours for the taking.
How I love that car.
It actually still runs.

Then I traded "up" to a newer car.
I got my first speeding ticket with it and my first accident
It was traded in for a newer more reliable car...with cruise control.
I still remembered "Morty".

I found another vintage bug to be my new mechanical baby.
It died a painful death in September of 2007.
Windows shot out by local hoodlums and then
was used as a bumper for a 1967 Chevy pickup.

Then my oh so loving and trusting mom
lets me borrow to buy her beloved Intrepid.
Another solid stable car that has been through thick an thin
And I manage to blow up the engine.

And now my Sunfire. My beloved Sunfire.
Declared officially dead 03/04/08.
Fatally wounded 03/01/08.
Good bye faithful car.
I think I need a horse!

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