Monday, February 4, 2008

Mom and Dad

A friend on the MaryJanesFarm forum asked for us to share about our mom's and dad's so I thought I would post the answer here as well.

My Mom (Sage) is amazing. When I was growing up she was the Director of our local museum which gave her many contacts into historical events in our community. She took me to archeology digs, dinosaur digs, I got to go with her to dig fossils with a group from the Smithsonion (Very cool!). On top of that, she is an amazing seamstress and artist. She always has been able to whip out a costume or dress for us girls whenever we have needed it, even if it has been on really short notice (Sorry Mom!) I know we have cost her many a night's sleep as she worked tirelessly to finish a project, whether it was sewing or hot gluing and glittering decorations or what have you. (By the way Mom, what is your secret?!)She has always been a wonderful mom and friend, even though at times I did not appreciate it. Now that I am a bit older, I appreciate her so much that my day just doesn't seem complete if I haven't called her!

My Dad is just as amazing as my mom. He volunteered as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for 18 years in our home town. He and my grandfather did most of the work building our family cabin (looks like a monopoly house! :D ) He is always willing to put family before his own personal interests. He works so hard that I have often felt guilty asking him to do one more thing for me, but he always is so happy to help. He even build the waterfall that was the backdrop for my wedding ceremony and it was perfect! (Okay so it leaks water from the water return resevoir but it still worked!) He worked so hard on the yard and house this past year so it would be perfect for my wedding. Not only is he hard working, but he is kind as well. I can chat with my dad just as easily as I can my mom!

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me said...

oh, wedding! did you ever post wedding pictures? btw...your parents sound amazing. no wonder you are such a sweetheart!

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