Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Essay Contest

I am going to host an essay contest.

I want you to write me an Essay about what being a Farmgirl means to you, and what knowing about MaryJane and her ideals has meant as well. If you don't know who MaryJane is, please go to www.maryjanesfarm.org

I want the essay to be at least 1 page long, typical essay format. I am more looking for heartfelt writing than anything else. The top 3 essays will be sent to MaryJane.

Your reward coming in on the top 3 for this contest is your choice of some MaryJanesFarm food!! Just let me know which two food items from her website that you would like, how many are in your immediate family, and I will send it to you right away! The grand prize winner, in addition to the MJF food, will get some glass milk bottles as well!

So write you essays and email them to me alee@maryjanesfarm.org


Mich said...

Thanks for stopping by--I hope the floor bed works for you! Once you get past the "hey, I can just crawl on out of here if I want to" (something that happened once MAM become very mobile), it works great!

Lainey said...

Hey Alee!

Hope you are doing well. I tagged you.. please stop by my blog and see. Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the inspiring words on bad things turning into good. It is all about perspective and moving along on our road, or stairway as you say. I'm embarking on a trip tomorrow that I dread but must be done. I know afterwards I will feel better. Thank you again.


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