Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Progress Update and What I have learned

Over the past few weeks I have been doing Atkins.  I have lost about 13 pounds and my weight loss is slowing, but that is pretty normal.  I have lost a full pant size which is fantastic.  It is to be expected that sometimes you lose inches over weight, especially if you have been active.   In addition to being more present and aware in my own life (no more falling asleep at 7:30pm!), I have been able to enjoy horseback riding for long time periods, volunteering by landscaping for our local Zoo, and playing with my daughter.
During the past week I had several cheats.  I ate carbs at the Ranch Ride which was catered, then I ate carbs at the lunch for the Zoo Volunteers, and finally on Mother’s day we went out to eat at my favorite Chinese food restaurant.  All of it was good and I am so thankful that my body did not pack on the pounds!  I am grateful to be able to start over every day and recommit to following my Atkins diet.
I have learned various new recipes and found that I can enjoy a greater variety on this diet than I had anticipated.  I have learned that losing this weight and becoming healthy is even more important to me than I realized.

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larkspur funny farm said...

Sounds like you had a great break through - we all need to be more present not only when we eat but just in the minute to minute of our life. I know I struggle with that but doing better.

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