Monday, February 16, 2009

Officially Done!

I am officially done with one of my debts! Hurray! Now I have set up reoccurring payments with two more debtors. For a total of $425 being paid each month out of my account. I am really hoping to get these taken care of ASAP! It will be fabulous to see positive changes on my credit score.

Looking at my credit report during Christmas break was heart breaking. It's hard to keep in mind that $13,000 of that debt gave me the best joy in my life- Nora! But I also look at a lot of it and see massive mismanagement. I am worried that a poor credit score will hurt my employment chances if I don't fix this now. Who wants to hire an accountant that can't handle her own personal finances.

If I can manage a few extra payments here and there, get an extra job over the summer and keep a strong hand on the family finances, then I think this will turn around really quickly. YAY! More debt paid!

I am SO looking forward to the day when there will be NO BAD DEBT on our record! I swear I am going to throw the biggest party!

At least I know that my debt collectors have a secure job. At least on guy does! He secured a payment agreement from me today so that should make his bosses happy!


Sarah said...

Hi Alee! Congrats for getting your of your debts cleared away. Isn't that just the greatest feeling? I'm doing that as well. I have two silly debts left and then i'm off to tackle the vehilcle and mortgage. woohoo! Debt free is the only way to be. :)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

GOOD for YOU! Paying off debt and then living debt free is most rewarding and freeing!
When you throw that big party, make it a covered dish -smile-.

frolicnfibers said...

Congrats Alee! Paying off debt is a struggle, no doubt! You'll have it done it no time :) Take care, Di

LannaM said...

Yay! When you have a plan and are doing good at the debt snowball? Good things happen. We paid off more than we ever expected when we controlled our money rather than letting it control us. It's very awesome and freeing to have less of that debt noose, that's for sure. :D

nadine said...
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nadine said...

I should have my debt paid off bySeptember of this year, and by Sugust I will be down to only one credit card. My debt is mostly dental bills!!! I can't wait to get it paid off. I paid more in dental and doctor bills two years ago, than I made the whole year! Congrats on your getting your debt down!!!!I put a pin on your farm girl map. Nadine

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