Monday, December 1, 2008

Sometimes you just need a good cry on your mom's shoulder.

Last night all the stress that I have been carrying around for the past 6 years just was a bit too much and I had a good crying session while talking to my mom. She is fantastic. Supportive and offering good advice. Mostly my stress stems from money issues. Ugh. Money issues. We have been super tight on money this summer because of mistakes, misunderstanding, lack of attention to detail... well you get the picture. We did it to ourselves but it still doesn't make the fall out feel any better! :(

But things are turning around. They are getting better every day and that makes it tolerable. It also helps to have my hands busy. I am currently waiting for the mail to bring me brand new wool batting to make some dolls for some kids for Christmas. That above all else is making me happy. I like to think of the kids playing with their toys for years and then maybe, someday they will pass them on to their kids.

I just added a new section to my website! Heritage Designs is where my mom's beautiful Jewelry is featured! I have had the privilege of taking the photographs and getting the site set up for her. I think it is looking pretty spiffy!

Nora is getting so big. She is so inquisitive and active. Some days it really tests my patience when she can be a bit destructive. But I am so thankful that she is how she is. She is learning and growing so much! She is learning new words each day and we understand her better too.

So, Cheers and here's to a great Holiday Season!


Princess Of Pink said...

Many hugs to you Alee. Glad you have your mom still to support you and to whom you can talk.

Love ya Farmgirl.

Marian/Dutchy from MJF

frolicnfibers said...

Hey Alee! You have such a wonderful blog, and I love following it...especially the pics of Nora! I can't wait to get the dolls for my grandbabies! I have told all of my friends and will continue to do so, so hopefully you will get some more orders for those precious dolls! I can see how it makes you happy to make them...seeing as how we are so happy to receive them! Take care, Di

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