Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nora's Canvas

Nora has recently really decided she loves coloring. She burns through paper so fast that the walls, TV, doors, and garbage can all start looking like blank canvases to her. Then she found my oil pastels. So soft and rich. So colorful! I think she is in heaven.

We have this large linoleum floor that is all black. The oil pastels stand out brilliant against the black. At first I scolded her for coloring on the floor, but then I realized...Why?

Oil pastels are actually in some ways, easier to clean up that crayons! Sure, they get on clothes a LOT more than crayons. But instead of having to fight to get a hard wax off the walls or furniture, all I have to do to clean up after the oil pastels is use soap and water!

So I decided that Nora could color on the floor. There is no harm in it, it washes easily and I need to wash my floor every day or so anyway to keep the house looking reasonable. Want some pictures? I think they are adorable!


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