Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Please don't get me wrong...

And this post is just about a gut reaction I am having to a situation. I am not trying to say anyone is right or wrong...


Every time I read a news article about the whole debacle with the FLDS polygamy sect in Texas, my stomach turns and I want to cry. The thought of all of 465 kids being ripped away from their moms and put into the foster system- including new born babies! Oh it just makes me want to cry.

I guess kids under 12 months get to stay in protective care with their moms, but in a confusing couple of new stories, there was information about new born children being taken a way.

I feel like no matter where you stand on this issue, the women and children are true victims. I suspect the confusing stories that have been given to the DFS of Texas workers is partially because many of those women probably suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

Personally, as far as I can tell, if the women and children are separated from them men then there can be no more supposed forced marriages or teen pregnancies from this point forward....So why can't the women and children be together?

In my opinion taking a child from a mother who has done nothing to it (what could a mom do to a newborn while they are both in protective custody?!) is cruel and unusual punishment. I can't imagine losing a single day with my child, and certainly not their first month!

I hope everyone comes through this safe and sound and without any emotional scars.

Like I said before- I am not trying to express an opinion as to who is right or wrong. But my heart aches for those suffering in this situation. Please keep them in your thoughts.


Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needle Works said...


I agree with you that this is a heartbreaking situation and the ones who always suffer are the women and children. I hesitate to express and opinion also but my gut feeling is that the government media portrays events to benefit their own agenda and that what goes on within those families is probably not anything as it is portrayed in the media. I too reserve judgement.

HAIN Holiday_Angel said...

I believe their line of thinking, separating the family unit, was to get evidence, DNA checks, physical abuse checks, and oral testimonies. although, I also don't agree with separating the women and children, I also am realistic in that I have a family member who is a psychiatrist and she sees abuse cases that are horrific for the children whose natural tendency is to stay silent for the protection of their parents and not say things because they fear punishment, abandonment and so on.
The men in this situation, that were aware of the dominance over these people should never get out of jail. They abused the right to be around ladies and children with such heart wrenching trust.
In the end, I do pray that justice is done and the abusers are charged with raping their daughters and other young ladies if they are guilty.
The sad thing is that it happens more than you know and usually right beneath your very nose. Trust me I know!

Brenda Hyde said...

I think the problem is that the mothers weren't being honest about what children belonged to which women...and they didn't want to leave the men or the compound. They simply cannot allow those children to go back into that place with the men. I agree the women are victims...but some of those women allowed their daughters to become pregnant by these same men. Some they thought may be mothers were actually grandmothers. The entire thing is very sad, and I don't want to see the children and women separated IF they will leave the compound.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

I agree!

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