Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tie One On

Tina Michelle for over at MaryJanesFarm Chat Forum is hosting a 6 week blog-a-thon inspired by MaryJane at MaryJanesFarm. The first topic is "Tie One On"

My favorite apron is one that was given to me by Meg Rae. It's a maternity apron witha beautiful rose pattern and a pink ruffle.

I had never met Meg or her mom MaryJane before, but they realized that I lived in the same town as them and invited me out to coffee or tea. I was a few months pregnant and was not feeling tops. I accepted their invitation and silently prayed that I would not embarrass myself by being sick all over two people that I respect very much.

I sat waiting for them, realizing I only had vague ideas of what they look like because I hadn't looked at the Ideabook before I left! Oh No! I remembered that MaryJane of course had blonde hair, and Meg had darker hair but the rest was suddenly escaping me. I looked up at every person who walked in the door and smiled- but there was no mistaking seeing MaryJane and Meg when they came in! They were so kind faced and cheerful! We embraced and MaryJane invited me to go to dinner with them at the Co-Op as they had been running late.

At the Co-Op the gifted me with this beautiful apron. Oh I loved it so! And then Meg told me the secret! It was the apron she wore in the Artists in Aprons magazine issue! I about burst out crying right then and there! And to make it even more special- it was my first apron!

My apron collection has since grown a little. I have two aprons that were my great aunt Nora's, though I rarely wear them as they are special. I have a beautiful soaping apron from a soap swap- I believe Smoothiejuice made it. I have also been gifted with an adorable vintage half apron and a jean apron most recently.

I would love to share photos with you all, but I left my battery charger for my camera in Wyoming on accident and what is left of my batter has to be saved for dolly pictures.

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Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needle Works said...


What a nice memory

to have!


GardenGoose said...

how lovely. thanks for sharing your story.
glad you joined in the fun.

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