Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 months old and going on a Schedule!!

Well I think it is time to start getting Miss Nora onto a schedule. Our lives are going to get all topsy turvy in the next couple of months, so if I get her onto an iron clad schedule now, hopefully it will make the transitions easier.

Right now she wakes up between 6am and 6:45am. I can't really control when she wakes up if she wakes up earlier other than just ignoring any non frantic fussing until "getting up time". I like to take her out of her crib at 6:45am so I can just slip her into the car seat and away we go to work.

Once we are at work she normally plays for about half an hour to an hour before getting breakfast. Some days this doesn't work, but it seems to make her concentrate on the food more when she does eat so I like this. So breakfast will now be at 8am.

Then she plays for a bit more and goes to sleep anywhere from 9am to 11am. This is the first thing we are going to work on. Nap time is now going to be 10am. No excuses or exceptions. If she isn't tired yet, she will get quite time in the playpen or crib alone for at least half an hour, if she isn't fussing then I will let her have quiet time for an hour.

Then she can play until noon which is lunch, play until 2 and then down again for a nap or quiet time if not sleepy. Then she can stay up until 7pm which is going to be bed time.


Awake at 6:45 am
Breakfast 8am
Morning Nap 10 am until awake, minimum 30 min.
Lunch at 12pm
Afternoon nap 2pm until awake, minimum 30 min
Dinner 6pm- bath, lotion, clean diaper routine
Bed time 7pm- might get changed to 8pm.

I know this seems pretty structured, but that is just what I am going to work towards. I am first going to start enforcing the morning nap/down time. Today I put her in the portacrib and let her put herself to sleep. She is pretty good at this if the house is absolutely silent. Once she is asleep, noise is okay, but it's getting her to put herself to sleep that is the problem!

Wish me luck!

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Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I think structure is good. I always had my girls on a schedule. Yours looks like a very good one!

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